This is a newest material of the wide spectrum usage, having nothing equal in practicality, beauty and function among the natural and synthetic materials and is widely used as working surfaces and decorating material.

Quartz stone Radianz is highly technological composite material ( quartz anglomerate ), consisting of 93% of natural quartz and 7% of high quality polymeric raisin and dye stuff. 
The main peculiarity of manufacturing the quartz aglomerate Radianz is a vacuum vibropressing of all the components of the material. 
The pressing process goes on simultaneously with the process of pumping out the air, which allows to delete completely the porosity of the final product and the natural quartz, which is one of the components, gives excusive firmness, steadiness and longetivity. 
Quartz surfaces (quartz aglomerate)  Radianz are extremely shock,fractures , scratches and mechanical damages proof, which gives them an ability to surppass natural and artificial stones. 
The high density gives quartz surfaces (quartz aglomerate) excellent water repelling characteristics, stability to germs , stains and also wine, vegetable oil and so on. 
Quartz surfaces (quartz anglomerate) Radianz are not rubbed off in the process of exploitation, do not require polishing and a special care, which gives the final product excellent exploitaional and, as a result, very high consumer characteristics. Thanks to quartz particles of different size, quartz surfaces (quartz aglomerat)  Radianz are natural - natural quartz gives them natural and beautiful look.The combination of high stability and natural beauty considerably widens the area of quartz stone usage, gives additional designer possibilities creating exquisite and rich interiors 
Quartz aglomerate  Radianz suites ideally for internal and external panelling of residential, public and commercial buildings , creation of unique interiors for home and business. It is used for manufacturing countertops and bar counters, window counters. exclusive furniture, details for counter interiors, information stands (reception), decoration of the bathrooms, trading equipment and many more. The sphere of usage of quartz stone is limited only by the fantasy of the customer. It is extremely firm and wear resistant material, it excludes scratches, breakageand what concerns the nonporous structure, it gives the surface excellent water repelling characteristic , resistant to germs, dirt and stains. All this, together with high ecological property, allows to use quartz aglomerate  Radianz in high passable and crowded places. First of all it is banks, medical offices, train stations, airports, metro stations, halls, stairs, trade-entertainment centers, conference halls, galeries, theatres, educational institutioms and many other public places.

 Company is presenting 15 years material warranty.