Staron is related to the series of the materials Acrylic Solid Surface, the components of which are acrylic raisins, mineral filings and coloring substances. The material is manufactured as the plates of the different sizes. The filings are manufactured mainly as alumina.

Acrylic stone Staron is a dense, nonporous, homogenious material, apt to fixing, that can be glued without traces.

Staron looks like a product of mineral origin, is pleasant upon touching and is very elegant. Besides that the material is long-lasting, can be used continuously and is easily cleaned. The characteristic data allow to use the material for a wide choice of designers' decisions. That makes the material ideal for functioinal usage and artisitic decoration of the interiors: kitchens, bathrooms and other products. The specific characteristics of the material enabled it to be used also for decorating the exteriors.

Staron is presented in two types:
Standard type: 3680 mm x760 mm x12.3 mm

Staron plates belonging to standard type are used in horizontal,vertical surfaces, in humid and dry premises.

Facing/panelling/ type: 2500 mm x 760 mm x 6 mm

In their structure, the plates with sturdy, strong surface, belonging to the facing type, are identical to standard type plates.

Consequently, thanks to their width, they are used in vertrical surfaces and are not recommended for horizontal usage.

Distinctive properties of Staron: moist nonpenetration, tolerance to home chemicals' affects and boiling water; shock proof,seemles sconnections; ability to high temperature form creation; the aesthetical look, steadinessto biological and mold decomposition; clor maintenance, safe to contact with food products; thermoindurance, easy cleaning; enduranse to cigarettes burns.


Company is presenting 10 years material warranty.